Balmorra is an industrial world in the Mid Rim known for its weapons manufacturing and AT-ST walker production.


The planet is under heavy guard, but recent reports show the world’s population may be supporting the Rebels.


Sobrik is the capital of the world and the seat of the Imperial rule. The spaceport and the second largest military barracks are held here.

Outpost Victory is an old military facility from the Old Republic, but it has been converted into an up-to-date Imperial military base. Housing advanced monitoring equipment and massive barracks, this base houses the majority of the military forces for the world, shuttling them to their duty locations each day from the small landing field.

The Balmorran Arms Factory in the Sundari Flatlands is the major production hub of the planet, developing AT-STs and even starship weaponry.

The Okara Droid Factory resides in the Markaran Plains, specializing in the manufacturing in astromech droids. This facility was used during the Clone Wars for manufacturing battle droids, but combat droids have been outlawed by the Empire.

The Troida Military Workshop, located in the Gorinth Canyons, is primarily used for the production of blasters and other small arms.

The Farnel Research Facility in the north is mostly surrounded by poisonous sinkholes caused by a conflict centuries ago. This facility is known for developing chemicals for medical purposes.


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