Character Creation

While nothing is really off-limits, it will be stated that players should use common sense while designing their characters.


The Empire is incredibly humanocentric and aliens are not treated very well. Humans are a solid choice, but near-humans (such as Chiss and Falleen) are more accepted than more distinct aliens (such as Mon Calamari and Hutts). Droids are also an acceptable option. Distinct aliens can be taken, but if done so please create a good reason, like being a spy or diplomat (career or otherwise).


The careers from Age of Rebellion and Edge of the Empire are fully available for use, as well as any career sourcebooks. Careers and specializations that have access to Force talents and that give a Force Rating are restricted and require permission from the GM.

Duty, Obligation and Morality

All characters will start with Duty, as described in Age of Rebellion. Characters may also take Obligation, but in doing so the character will not gain any additional XP or credits. The same goes for Morality, but it can only be taken if the character is Force sensitive.

A character’s Duty must also relate to the Empire as they are working FOR the Empire, not against it.


Any equipment that is not considered Restricted can be taken without issue. Any equipment listed as Restricted must be approved by the GM.

Character Creation

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